E n g l i s h

Please consult and respect the orders and the security equipments: The Management and the staff decline any responsibility in the event of an accident.

  1. It is formally forbidden…
    • to smoke inside the buildings of the Center
    • to detain and consume alcoholic drinks
    • to use any musical instrument or device intended for sound distribution
    • to defuse beds, transfer or move the furniture, the bedding, between rooms or other spaces.
    • to use means of electric heating (hot plate, radiator…) or to use heating facilities or lighting with flame (camping stove, gas lamp, radiator, ..)
  2. Please maintain and respect:
    • the cleanliness and the order in the whole Hostel which is your place of stay (inside and outside),
    • the equipment at your disposal
    • the hours of rest: the silence is required from 10:00 pm till 7:30 am
  3. Any degradation in the building will be paid by his or their Author. Every single intervention of the technical service will be issued to invoice for 100€ during business hours (working days from 8am to 3.30pm) and 200€ after this time, plus items to replace and labor. Every improper use of the fire extinguisher will be issued to invoice from 150€ to 220€ each one.
  4. In any circumstances and everywhere, please keep a correct attitude both to the other guests and to the staff
  5. The hostel declines any responsibility in case of theft: be particularly careful in your own Do not keep values. Padlocks are available for sale at the reception.
  6. The lock of the doors of the Center takes place at 11:30 pm. After this time, use the access card of your room to open the main doors. For 24/24 access. Cost or broken card will be charged 5€.
  7. The outgoings from the Center are done under the exclusive responsibility of the responsible guides. The not accompanied minors are not allowed to stay in the hostel except of a written agreement of the parents.
  8. Every booking made through our partners cannot be canceled or modified at the reception. Please contact them directly
  9. Any customer exceeding the departure time of 10 :00 am will be charged an additional night.


I m p o r t a n t  n o t e s :

The good comfort and the success of your stay are conditioned by the respect of these some elementary rules to which you are asked to conform for the general interest. The breaking of these rules can bring to the immediate cancellation of the booking and the immediate eviction of the Hostel, without any financial counterpart.

The potential damages caused in the Hostel during the stay, are immediately payable to the Hostel management, after report an d evaluation of damages.