Activities nearby the hostel

Sport and walking activities

Situated close to the Forêt de Soignes sports centre – sports centre facilities are available, upon making a booking.
3 marked jogging trails in the Sonian forest also start from the centre.

Activities in the Sonian forest

The entrance of the Sonian forest (5,000 ha of woodland famous for its beech trees) can be accessed from the youth hostel park which is located on the edge of the forest.

Walking in the Rouge-Cloître park

The entrance to this park with its 5 lakes is just 150 m from the youth hostel. Guests can also visit the exhibition at the art centre in the park.
There are few sites in the Brussels region as exceptional as Rouge-Cloître. This ancient monastic site is steeped in history and offers numerous architectural, historical, natural, cultural and recreational benefits


Cultural activities

Shows in the cultural centre of Auderghem
The dynamic cultural centre of Auderghem is just 20 minutes away on foot and offers 14 theatre shows per year of which 7 are a selection of the best from the Parisian theatre scene interpreted by the very best stars from Paris.

> Centre culturel d’Auderghem