9Jun The Smurf Experience

From Saturday 09/06 at 12:00 to Sunday 02/09 at 12:00

Brussels Expo

Place de Belgique, 1
1020 Laeken

The Smurf Experience, offers an unprecedented chance to plunge into the magical world of these little blue elves. An exploration with spectacular special effects and displays for a unique experience to share with the family.

The Smurfs will celebrate their anniversary and set up their village in Brussels.
The Smurf Experience, is an innovative dive in the magical world of the small blue characters. Magnifying sets, special effects & shows for a unique experience to share with family and friends.
Have you ever spoken to a Smurf?
Have you ever been in a real mushroom house?
Would you like to fly on a stork’s back and learn how to dance the Smurfs dance?
Get ready to help Papa Smurf and cast off for an adventure in which you will thwart the evil plans of Gargamel!
The Smurf Experience invites the visitor to a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Thanks to larger-than-nature sets spread on more than 1500 m2, you will become “as high as three apples”, the ideal size for experiencing the life of a real Smurf and to discover their world and their habits.
The Smurf Experience is also an immersion made of spectacular discoveries: Video mapping, virtual reality, Kinect, augmented reality and many more will amaze children and their parents alike.
Visiting the Smurf Experience is an educational experience during which the visitor will endorse the universal values of the Smurfs and get acquainted with the sustainable development goals of the UN symbolized by the Smurfs.

The Smurf Experience in a nutshell, it is 9 immersive rooms, breathtaking technologies, a path accessible to children and adults alike and most of all, 1 hour and fifteen minutes of fun and discoveries!


Adult/ +18 years: 17 €
Kids 3 -11 years: 11 €
13+ – 18ans or student card: 14 €
Family (2AD+2kids): 52 €